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A good SEO lies in choosing the right keywords. To begin with, it involves Keyword Research & Optimization that is aimed at understanding what your prospects are searching for online. Keyword Optimization (Also called Keyword Research) is a critical step in the initial stages of Search Engine Marketing. It is used to drive quality traffic to your Website and measure traffic potential that allows for writing of effective Content and understanding of user-behavior. At Hekach, we look for what your prospects are searching for online. Based on that, the most relevant and appealing Content with the right blend of keywords is chosen.

The SEO experts at Hekach adopt bespoke Research methods, use different Optimization Intelligence Tools and own quality expertise to uncover the competitive strategies used by your competitors and then finally ensure that the right keywords are chosen and appropriate work-methods are undertaken prior to keyword strategy implementation. The expert’s further work to find the best keywords for your business and make certain your Website is appropriately optimized with the right keyword placement and density on each page.


  • In-depth industry research to study your competitor’s keywords, link profiles and other terms that generate the most site traffic. This is done to determine your competitive advantage.
  • In-depth Keyword Research & Analysis aimed at maximizing your audience size.
  • Identification of best-suited keywords for your business. They are chosen on the basis of what the potential customers are using and finally selected with the potential of having the right balance of potential traffic and competition.
  • Structuring of Website Content, Product Descriptions, and more.

Search Engine looks for Meta Tags when evaluating a Website, that is why their creation and optimization is regarded as a key part of Website’s optimization.

Meta Tags includes a precise description of your Site’s Web Page Content including relevant keywords, to Search Engines.


Hekach Helps:

  • Target relevant keywords – single, multiple and theme based keywords.
  • Write relevant keywords into each Meta-Tag (Title, Description & Keyword Tags) & develops SEO-friendly messages that inspire calls-to-action.
  • Develop exact phrases to reflect the concept of the Website in the Webpage’s title.

Web Page speed is an important factor in rankings. However for many, especially the publishers, the Site’s loading time / Page Speed is a major concern. All your Site WILL get is a few seconds to attract visitors and if the Site does not load in the given time they want, then you stand to lose a potential lead.

Around 80% of Smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds and nearly 10% of shoppers are said to abandon their cart if pages are too slow.

Have you considered optimizing your Page Loading time and the overall rich experiences of your Website?

It’s high time you did so for if your Page Speed Score is not optimal, chances of retaining customers will be not good which means you would be losing Visitors and also experience the negative impacts of Search Engine Algorithms.


Hekach team of SEO experts can:

  • Optimize your Site’s Page Speed by using various compression techniques, optimizing HTML Code, CSS scripts, etc.
  • Lower the Page size, DNS lookups and ensure less number of requests towards server. This way, Content is delivered faster.
  • Provide Reports that gives you full-picture on how your Site loads and where the bottlenecks are that hampers your Site loading time.

Good quality and engaging Content has an immense impact on a Site’s user decision to buy your products / services OR to seek more information. Also the Content needs to be SEO-friendly and attractive / informative at the same time. They are all a key component in determining your Site’s ranking on search engines.

Your business brand needs high-quality Content that is well-optimized and user-friendly SEO-oriented.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company team of Content Writers are trained on the latest best practices for SEO, incorporating cutting-edge writing techniques tailored to boost your Online presence.

Everything from which type of Content works and what people search for to the actual terms that need to be incorporated into the Content, to make it friendly SEO-friendly Content that is preferred by the targeted audience, is done by the Hekach team.

Further the designers and developers team will optimize the Website during the development and design process, making them search-engine friendly, which will involve not only the Page Layout, but also how Content and Information is read or labeled.


Hekach has expert Content Writers WHO:

  • Generate robust content across an array of subjects and produce engaging content that complements your business.
  • Create a copy for Websites, Blogs, Marketing Campaigns, etc.
  • Establish a Content strategy framework by offering reviews and more.

In the age of Mobile Technology, business can ill-afford to lose their Mobile Visitors. This is because Smartphone’s and Tablets have made a significant impact on a Website Design. Its here a Responsive Website Template can play a useful role.

Responsive Website Templates are suitable for those looking for a Website that is both fluid-width as well as adaptive to the screen resolution. However, the Responsive Website Templates need to seamlessly serve different media formats and devices used by the people today.

Overall, the Templates are highly intuitive and design-led and most importantly are more responsive which means that they adapt to Computers, Tablets and Smartphone’s.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company has an excellent team of Website Template Designing experts who professionally design Templates with a variety of styles and which will support all devices like Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.

In addition, Hekach also offers:

  • HTML & CSS3 Template Design.
  • Flash CMS Template Design.
  • Opencart Template Design.
  • WordPress Template Design.
  • Powerpoint Template Design.

The designers at Hekach are experts in a host of software products like DreamWeaver, Content Management system like Joomla, WordPress, etc; all designed templates done by them will be designed by using standard cascading style sheets (CSS) which is search-engine friendly.

Working to understand your needs, they will provide quality design services with affordable costs and faster turnaround time.


  • Creation of Templates that are flexible and allows for adding of portfolios and galleries, calendars, videos, integration of social media and blogs and more.
  • Creation of Templates that is user-friendly and innovative.
  • Creation of Templates that becomes fluid and easily adapt to the width of the Browser. For smaller screen sizes, tactics like changing font sizes, navigation menu, columns, text blocks and images that scale and change their position, are used.
  • Fixing of Website Template which can work on all the devices flawlessly.

Regarded as a medium of communication between readers and you / your business, a Blog originally called ‘Weblogs’ is an online magazine that can be big and professionally created OR an Online Dairy that is small and where personally observations are shared with the world.

A Blog is also one of the most powerful Website elements available for building Page Rank on Search Engines and enhancing Website Visibility.

Blogs are today giving Writers, Journalists or any person with a drive to say something on an online platform, share the view or share information with others. To be more successful, the Blog needs to attract online audiences in thousands and thousands while ensuring a living for the Blog owner.

Are you looking to start a Blog?

If so, then we at Hekach Digital Marketing Company will help you out with Blog Installation and Set-up services

With its enormous expertise, Hekach can help get your new Blog site up and running with the optimal plug-ins and configurations in a few hours.

The team at Hekach has done numerous Blog Installations across a number of Web Hosts and can successfully likewise help you with one that will connect to your target-audience while simultaneously helping increase your online exposure.


  • Blog Design to make it more visually appealing and more functional. In addition, we also ensure installation of security plug-ins to help protect your Blog.
  • Help in equipping your Site with blogging software that helps update the Content regularly.
  • Setting-up a Blog or Website easily and quickly so that your attention can be more on developing quality Content.
  • Proof-reading and editing your Blog before they are published, scheduling your Blog posts, finding and embedding Videos, Photos or Images in your Blog Posts.
  • Strategically adding keywords to your Blog Title, text and Images, so your Blog Posts can be easily found in search engines.

Once the Site is ready with a defined SEO optimization method, Site Submission is the next most important task. The Site needs to be submitted to different Search Engines, Directories, Forums, etc, in order to generate quality back-links which helps increase your Site’s Page Rank. To put it simply, it raises the worth and importance of your Site’s Content.

Apart from Google, there are thousands of other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc, that perform the same tasks of crawling, indexing and ranking a Website in tune with their popularity and relevance to searchers / net-users.

However, not all Search Engines / Directories are the same, there are some that can actually harm and prevent your Website from acquiring a prominent Page-position.


  • Assist you know which of the Search Engines / Directories are safe and relevant.
  • Manually submit your Website URL with the most trusted and reliable Search Engine / Directory. This ensures that your Site is correctly listed, indexed and ranked.
  • Submission of your Website to 100 plus of most relevant Search Engines and Directories.
  • Guidance on how to optimize your Site for better ranking in the Search Engine results.
  • All submissions will be 100% relevant which means the submission of your Site will be only to the relevant category.

Regarded as one of the most significant Website Optimization Strategy, Directory Submission helps to acquire quality back-links which are crucial with regard to Page rank on leading Search Engines. Most importantly, your Site’s ranking improves with increase in the number of quality back-links.

By using Directory Submission services, you would be helping Search Engines find your Site through links placed in Online Directories. Further, the quality and relevance of your Website will get influenced by the quality of Directories, the text submitted as well as the category you are submitted in.


  • Submission to quality top Directories like Yahoo Directory, etc, that revolves around your business.
  • Submission to quality top Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc.
  • Submission to all Directories is free, non-reciprocal and SEO-Friendly.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company offers you high-class Search Engine submission and Directory Submission services that will ensure that your Site becomes more relevant and popular with targeted traffic to your Site.

The team has the skills and expertise to list your Site correctly so as to make sure that it attracts more and more visitors.

For every business, social engagement has become essential. This is because people today are more well-informed about the Business & products / services. The more they are well-informed and made aware off, then greater will be the chances of Sales, thus reflecting the appeal of your business brand to customers.

To make that happen, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is required; it’s a process of raising awareness of your Product / Brand / Event, by using a host of Social Media outlets and communities and helping generate viral publicity.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company specializes in creating customized Social Media Optimization services, using latest Social Media Marketing strategies that target customers on a variety of Social Networks.

Hekach’s expert team can navigate the most complicated nuances of various Social Media networks with the following benefits:

Create better Brand Awareness.

Augment your brand recognition.

Help attract more customers with enquiries.

With their proficiency and expertise, our team can eventually raise your brand’s awareness in the Social Networks, while ensuring quality service with ethical techniques


  • Help set-up your Accounts and update them with quality content.
  • Help set-up your Profile on the main platforms and show you how to make the most of Social Media Marketing. This way you can improve your ranking and customer-relations as well.
  • Ensure regular updating, Social Account Control and Maintenance.
  • Draft quality Content and spread it across popular Social Media Sites.
  • Marketing your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts.
  • Social Bookmarking with different promotional procedures.

The Links to the Website is what indicates to the Search Engine that your Website’s Content is quality-oriented, interesting, and impact-making. This in turn helps boost your Site’s rankings for target-keywords.

Link Building is essential for Search Engine visibility and remains the most important ranking signal for Websites. Hekach Digital Marketing Company does not build just quality Links, but also ensures that your Site remains out of danger’s sight.

The team at Hekach specializes in White Hat, person-to-person, and manual Link-Building, that will serve the needs of your Site Traffic and the Search Engines as well. They can instantly choose relevant high-quality Sites to build Links for your business so as to ensure a big difference in search result working.

By gaining quality Links from quality Websites that are known for their authority and reputation, you Site will acquire valuable push to your Site’s Pages to the top of the search-results. Working with you, our team will make sure that your Site gets good-quality Online Publicity and Coverage, Mentions and Links.


  • Develop a clear and ethical Link-Building strategy for your business, through creating engaging content that attracts and encourages organic links from influential Site in your business-sector.
  • Develop a high-quality and natural-looking back-link Profile, identify issues if any, and then recommend a solution to gain the Link Authority needed to rank for your Search-terms.
  • Provide competitor’s Back-Link Analysis report, like which of your competitors has the best back-link profile, how many links they have and what types are they, how did they get their links and more. This way, you can build those links too with our help.
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Why chose Hekach IT Solutions for SEO

Hekach IT Solutions is one of the most reputed full-service digital marketing agency having served over 100 Plus clients across the globe and we are proud to be the official partners of Google. In addition, we had received recognition as one of the top 25 most promising marketing consultants of 2015. As a reputed digital marketing service firm, we have developed a robust and result-oriented SEO processes that have helped thousands of websites achieve higher visibility on the search engines. Some of the factors that our clients considers in finalizing us as their SEO Partner include

  • Experience – SEO is an ever changing, dynamic and undefined science that one learns it with experience. At Hekach IT Solutions, we have done SEO for numerous firms and have successfully managed thousands of campaigns with proven results.
  • Team – The SEO team of Hekach IT Solutions consists of highly professional and skilled internet marketing experts who work in different capacities working in unison with a single objective of providing higher customer satisfaction and results.
  • Research & Development – Search engines like Google continuously roll out new updates, algorithms and other SEO techniques to remain on top. We at Hekach IT Solutions with a distinct team of research specialists closely monitor all types of campaigns, collate data, conduct tests and refine the processes and strategies involved in SEO. We strive to remain updated with the latest SEO techniques all the time.

Communication – Internet/Digital marketing requires impeccable communication skills and at Hekach IT Solutions, we are proud to be the best communicators when it comes to communication and reporting. We keep our clients updated through constant online campaign tracking system and through live support in the form of telephonic and instant messaging services, emails etc. We keep our customers/clients updated through our daily reports that are rated highly by our clients.

Other Highlights – Our other core highlights while delivering SEO services include

  • We are experts infusing email campaigns with marketing automation
  • We have perfected the SEO strategies driving us as one of the top ten digital marketing companies in India.
  • We are official partners of Google Ad words, Facebook, Yahoo & Bitrix.
  • We encourage continued education in SEO by providing training at regular intervals to our existing SEO teams that help them in providing the best SEO services for our clients

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