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Search Engine Advertising, also called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help your customers or potential customers find your business with ease and comfort. In addition, in the current existing market, it remains the best possible choice to generate Sales / Leads.

A Search Engine Ad gets activated whenever user-data matches the target-group data collected by Google. Further, when you pay a Search Engine for a placement in search results, your Advertisement will appear in the sponsored results and is targeted to match key-search terms. The price you pay is called ‘Cost-Per-Click’ (CPC).

With Search Engine Advertising continuing to exert a powerful role to grow a business in an increasingly competitive marketplace and millions of businesses out there on the Internet vying for the same eyeballs, Hekach Digital Marketing Company is well-positioned to help your business advertise online, promote your products and grow your business.

With its wealth of experience creating and successfully executing Search Engine Advertising campaigns, Hekach Digital Marketing Company is an ideal choice.

By leveraging the expertise of Hekach, your business can achieve guaranteed and highly-targeted exposure, earn instant results, acquire greater flexibility to control your marketing budget and finally, driving high-quality traffic to your Website.


  • Providing in-depth Adwords Account Audits, with a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of Adwords Accounts, personalized to the needs of the clients.
  • Providing Adwords Account creation and optimization services using the latest best practices. This includes creation and optimization of accounts following the latest Google best practices.
  • Providing Data-driven Paid Search Engine Advertising management. This also includes detailed monitoring, performance assessment and an analytical approach to all decisions.
  • Ensuring daily, weekly and monthly performance reports with frequent evaluation of results of all measures taken.

Display Advertising, also called Banner Advertising, is a form of Advertising that conveys a commercial message in a visual way, using Text, Logos, Animations, Videos, Photographs or other graphics. Its USP lies in the fact that it can build an image of a brand by displaying its products / services on different Websites across the Internet.

The Display Ads are extremely attractive and appeal to a broad category of customers for the simple reason that the Ads appear in various formats like Animated Images, Video, etc, and are effective, both as a direct response and branding strategy.

For a Display Advertising to be successful, it’s important to know what exactly you’re trying to convert. Hekach Digital Marketing Company has strong expertise in helping to break down and analyze your Ad audience and determine the best combination of keywords and Website Placements through which to target them.

By leveraging our expertise, your Display Advertising can become your most profitable initiative. You get the benefit of powerful Display Ads, combining stunning images with a powerful call-to-action, focused on facilitating conversions.


AD DESIGN / OPTIMISATION: While our seasoned design team develop Ads with clear calls-to-action that maximize click-through rates, SEO team work to optimize your Ads to help generate leads, while ensuring that they align with your brand and messaging.

LANDING PAGE STRATEGY & DESIGN: A Landing Page is often considered as a Digital Marketer’s greatest tool for the simple reason that they capture Contact Information and convert visitors to the Site into leads. Working with you, our team Develops customized Landing Page strategies focused on facilitating conversions.

Ensures that each landing page aligns with your Ad and offer, in line with your business branding.

ANALYSIS & REPORTING: Once your display network advertising campaign is working active and running, we:

  • Continually monitor it to find out about areas that need improvement and accordingly optimize it.
  • Implement URL tracking codes on each of your Display Ads and facilitate integration with your Marketing Automation & Sales CRM systems for full-lead attribution.
  • Send regular, comprehensive reports complete with detailed analysis and expert performance assessment.

Targeted on interest-based audience, Social Media Advertising today is a whopping US$ 8.4 Billion market, ripe with benefits for businesses. It also offers enormous opportunities to find new customers by using the information they have shared online, to find and target the right audience before they even begin their search.

By reaching them out faster with targeted content, Social Media Advertising can ensure that there are more likely to convert. In addition, SMA also helps to maximize your brand’s visibility and user engagements.

The effectiveness of a Social Media Advertising Campaign is that it more often than not leads to high conversion rates, while helping businesses to expand their customer-base and also leads to repeat business.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company possesses strong expertise to deliver relevant campaigns to the right users, with a personalized customer experience. The team at Hekach can utilize Social Media Data to track basic information of users and how they move through the Internet on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Once they get the requisite information, they craft an advertising strategy that leads to greater ROI.

Today Social Media Ads are hailed as some of the most effective marketing tools. By leveraging the expertise of Hekach, you receive expert help to develop high-converting, targeted Ads that can reach highly on-target audiences tuned to Digital Content with Social Media Advertising.


  • In-depth analysis of your rival’s Social Media Profiles and Advertising strategy, to learn in which areas they can out-beat your business and how best your business can compete with them.
  • Ad creation, testing and management followed by monitoring and management of campaigns.
  • Optimization of Social Media Ads to facilitate improved engagement and ROI.
  • Working with and launching profitable, high-performing campaigns on – Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising & LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Audience Targeting / Research & Development, Group Development, and Campaign Development.
  • Analytics Analysis with Monthly Reporting.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Retargeting Ads’, Remarketing Ads is an Online Banner Ad that gets displayed to Website Visitors after they leave your Website. A good example is that of shopping online for a new pair of shirts. A day later you could be reading a newspaper or magazine and suddenly finding an Ad displaying the same pair of shirts.

Remarketing Ads are normally displayed for a selected duration of time after Site Users visit your Site, and will be visible only to past Site Visitors who meet your defined customer-criteria (impression developed based on their interactions with your Site).

The benefits you enjoy include:

  • Your business pays only if they click your Ad.
  • Allows your business to stay on top of the mind of your target-audience, even after the Site Visitors leave your Site.

But there are some Sites that are often abandoned by Site Visitors quickly which can be frustrating since you could never get another chance to communicate with such Visitors again. Hekach Digital Marketing Agency possess strong expertise to work out ways that will allow you to keep your brand, products or services, on top-of-the-mind of the Visitors even after they leave your Site.

From development of list of targets to creation and implementation of tags, Hekach’s team also work to craft Ads and new landing pages that will radically help improve your conversion rates.


Working with your team, our team will offer the following services:

  • Strategically place your Image Ads throughout the Internet that is in relevance with your industry.
  • Dissect your Site’s conversion opportunities and formalize a strategy for capturing the attention-span of a wider audience.
  • Target your Site’s Visitors not converted earlier into a buyer or a lead.
  • Analyze your campaign’s performance and optimize it to drive traffic and increase conversions.
  • Monitor the efficacy of our strategy through a continuous monitoring system.

We can display remarketing across the following platforms:

  • Websites within the Google Display Network.
  • Facebook.
  • Gmail.
  • Google Search Advertising
  • YouTube.

Also called as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Shopping Ads can achieve much more results than Text Ads.


  • Show users a picture of your product, with little details of the product title, price, and store name. They can even show customer ratings and appear right on top of the search results.
  • Build greater awareness about your products. In addition, customers also get a glimpse of products not seen elsewhere.
  • Provide immense clarity, allowing you to see everything that is needed to manage a PLA campaign.
  • See which specific products are accumulating the most spending and which are most converting and for how much.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company offers a range of Shopping Ad services which can yield more ROI, generate higher click-through-rates and allow your Site to reach and market your products and services to specific audiences.

From creating fresh campaigns to optimizing campaigns earlier created, Hekach’s team of consultants is able to effectively manage the whole campaign at every stage.

In addition, the team is also always ready to give advice and support at every stage, chipping in with new ideas which will help your business to extract maximum output and benefits.


  • Set-up quality Ad-Group for each product that provides more controls over your campaign.
  • Create and launch Product Listing Campaigns that are extremely effective as they don’t rely on data from just one source.
  • Ensure proper management by using Google Anaytics, Google Adwords and Feed Optimization. This will help increase your product visibility in Google Shopping.
  • Investigate Data from sources ranging from Google Adwords to Bing and Google Analytics. The information gathered is used to help you arrive at a decision and increase the volume of your sales.

In recent years, audience on Mobile has surpassed Desktop Traffic. The rush is so much that businesses who are not on Mobile will risk missing out on lots of potential customers.

With the use of Smartphone’s growing worldwide, Mobile Advertising will become one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach out to customers. Already several leading brands depend heavily on Mobile Devices to advertise their products / services.

A Mobile Ad contains a headline, a short description and a link to the Mobile Site, to a telephone number or both. This means that Advertisers can choose to connect to customers through Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Call or serve both while providing the customers the choice.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company offers a complete suite of Mobile Advertising services that enable businesses across diverse industry verticals in targeting all kinds of Mobile and tech-savvy audiences. Further, Hekach can also create Ads for various Mobile Devices to display when consumers download various services like Applications, Games, Music, Ring Tones, etc while helping drive traffic to your Site.

Currently, Google is the only major search engine that allows comprehensive Mobile Advertising offerings, including search results on Google Mobile work on pay-per-click as well as a pay-per-call basis.

By leveraging the expertise and skills of Hekach, you can get stunning Mobile Ads to showcase your business, optimize Mobile specific functions, manage Ad Campaigns using latest techniques and ensure complete management of the campaign for best results.


  • Mobile Keyword and Placement Research.
  • Ad Copy Writing with Creative Design.
  • Ad Campaign Set-up.
  • Mobile Landing Page Design.
  • Mobile Search Advertising.
  • SMS (Text) Advertising.

Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising using Adwords is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing on the Internet. When compared to Traditional Ads where you pay when people see the Advertisements, in Google PPC Advertising, you only pay for results when the Ad is actually clicked and the Site is visited.

In order to guarantee your Ad appearance in search results, you need to bid on Keywords and have a considerable Quality Score. Google then determines the Ad position by the maximum bid on a Keyword and Quality Score.

They not only enable businesses to reach a wider audience, bringing lots of new visitors to your Site, but also enable small businesses to compete with business leaders if their Ads are relevant and superior.

The team at Hekach adopts a conversion-driven approach aimed at providing the best possible ROI for your marketing budget. The whole of Google PPC Advertising is managed by professional Google certified Adwords and Analytics experts who will work closely with your team to make sure that the campaign is delivering the desired results.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company offers tailor-made campaigns for your business that will lure customers to your Site. The skills of the team lies in crafting Google PPC Ad Campaigns and employing precision targeting that will increase your visibility online and also increase traffic to your Site.


  • Determine potential Keywords and Ad Copy to define areas of opportunity and risk. Then helping you to select the right set of keywords, researched based on the buying behavior of your customers and search engine trends.
  • Undertaking of a PPC Audit and identification of PPC Competitors.
  • Creating a comprehensive PPC strategy taking into accounts your business goals and deliverables. Later implement the campaign.
  • Creation of effective and optimized Ads and Landing Pages with regular monitoring and optimization of campaigns.
  • Tracking and adjusting campaigns, fine-tuning it to make it more result-oriented.
  • Providing Monitoring Reports and Comprehensive Review on a regular basis.

One of the most important Social Media Platforms, Facebook has mass acceptance with a reach to every corner of the globe. Ah important offering is Facebook PPC Advertising which has been hailed as an ideal way to reach broad and niche markets precisely.

With it, you can advertise to your exact audiences, based on specific social and geographical information – age, gender, location, personal interest, etc. Effective Facebook PPC Advertising Services will help to enable an efficient way of implementing the required strategies and plan to enhance the business potential of any kind of business. Hekach Digital Marketing Company offers exactly such a kind of service with the research and management needed to maximize your PPC Campaign.

The whole of Facebook PPC Advertising campaign is managed by Hekach Digital Marketing Company on a consistent basis, planning the campaign from start to finish and making sure that the right results is acquired.

With Facebook growing rapidly and their advertising platform providing the tools to reach highly targeted demographics to generate leads, experts at Hekach Digital Marketing Company will attend to your needs and work out ways on how Facebook PPC Advertising can grow your business.

By leveraging the expertise of Hekach Digital Marketing Company, you can improve your brand image, increase user engagement and generate highly-targeted leads.


  • Finding and targeting your audience including estimated audience size and costs to advertise.
  • Designing, building and maintaining a bespoke Facebook Page that confirms to your business needs.
  • Creating optimized Ads with all images to target the right audience.
  • Monitoring of the Ad campaign using a combination of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. Later, the team reports back on the progress of your campaign in detail, including demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your Ads and Page.
  • Providing Monthly ROI performance reports detailing the exact expenditure VS conversion rate.

Keyword Research, Analysis and Recommendation are the cornerstones of an Online Marketing Strategy including PPC. It is aimed at not only getting your Website ranked with the Search Engines, but also in getting your PPC campaign enhanced and made more result-oriented, leading to increased Online visibility and higher volumes of targeted visitors to your Site as well as PPC Ad.

Keyword Research for PPC is incredibly important. The whole of PPC campaign is built around keywords and as such, Adwords Advertisers continuously refine their PPC Keyword list to include newer ones that has the ability to drive traffic to your Site.

When preparing keywords for PPC, factors like the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC), etc, needs to be done to find out if those keywords and the match-type of keywords can be afforded.

Hekach Digital Marketing Company possesses strong expertise in PPC Keyword Research and Recommendation. The team at Hekach, using a wide range of tools and techniques, can trawl and then pinpoint the most powerful keywords that exactly meet your requirements.

At Hekach, we conduct both internal and external keyword research; ensure that the right mix of keywords and key phrases are selected while also providing recommendations of which keywords to avoid during the campaign.

The team at Hekach has honed its expertise over the years to help clients select keywords that are most closely associated with their target-audience and their marketing goals. As such, it remains well-positioned to cater to all of your needs.


  • Conduct of extensive research into which keywords and phrases provide your business with the maximum return on your investment.
  • Reviewing of which keywords are currently bringing targeted visitors to your Site and which keywords are producing a high conversion-rate. The whole process is done with the help of Site Analytics.
  • Creation of a list of relevant keywords on a page-by-page basis for each PPC Advertising landing page.
  • Reviewing of your competitors Sites to determine what keywords they are targeting; list of possible keywords is presented later.
  • Analyzing keywords and keyword phrases to determine their effectiveness.
  • Providing summarized keyword suggestions.
  • Making recommendations on the most suitable keywords.

Pay per Click or PPC over the years has emerged as one of the most cost effective and targeted form of digital marketing strategy where by advertisers pays a publisher (website owner) when their ads are clicked by internet users. As opposed to traditional advertising campaigns where you pay when people see your advertisement; instead you pay for results when someone (visitors of web pages) actually clicks the ads and visits your site. PPC is available in the sponsored section of the majority of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, especially Google in which it has an auction based bidding system in which keyword costs is priced at different rates for competitive bidders.

Hekach IT Solutions provides superior PPC services that will not only increase your visibility online but would also help in increasing traffic to your website. Our professional PPC team through installed tracking tools will measure your Return on Investment (ROI) and use only the best keywords that help in maximizing your profits. Our PPC solutions would guide you in observing the trails of your customers the moment they click on your advertisement up to the point of sales.

Our professional team of PPC service providers are always on the move by constantly tracking the effectiveness of your PPC campaign by ensuring that the advertisements are reaching to the targeted clients or customers and are translating into results. The key features of PPC services offered by Hekach IT Solutions include-


  • PPC Advertising –Google
  • PPC Advertising – Face Book
  • Key word research and recommendation
  • Account set up that includes writing of Titles and Descriptions
  • Weekly or monthly PPC reports
  • Tracking code installations on your website
  • Advanced PPC strategies
  • E-commerce PPC
  • Yahoo search marketing

If interested in utilizing our PPC services then email us your requirements to marketing@hekachit.com

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