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payroll services

Why payroll with Hekach

With over 1 year we are established team in processing the payroll for international and local clients the payroll outsourcing process is accurate and as well as simple. Hekach clients are both large and small and can process the 1000+ pays in one pay.

Payroll Services

  • Our service enables clients to handle the own recruiting to save the money. With us the expertise and administrative support are the best ideal solution for:
  • Enlisting an independent contractor: Hekach recruit and processes the payroll for your contract and moderating the workload on your finance team.
  • Solid results & simple process: Hekach IT Solutions made a program very easy and effective. You can refer applicant to the Hekach and the Hekach becomes the employer record. Apart from this we can handle the time consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee. Whether you are recruiting for a whole team and one person payroll service provides and improves hiring flexibility while reducing the cost.

Payroll Outsourcing Company in Hyderabad